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Rooms in the beach Fokiotrypa in Aigiali




A special place that is not often encountered, a perfect combination of nature, sea-beach, energy, in one of the most beautiful and hot corners of the island.


Accommodation Services

All the rooms have a beautiful view of the sea or mountain and with great horizon. The building is of Cycladic architecture with garden, 50 meters from the beach.


Moreover, the rooms have:

  • Individual bathroom
  • Individual balcony
  • Fridge
  • Air-conditioning
  • Internet

There are also rooms-studios with an electric cooker.

The road for the vehicles stops 180 m from the building. There, you can find a private car parking.

It is 50m from the main beach of Aigiali.

And 400m from the center of Aigiali.




Suggestions- Excursions


We can recommend or plan for you the trip you desire, for a short walk or farther, depending on the mood you have.

If you are interested in the ancient history of the island, you can visit its ancient cities.

Also, depending on the time you visit, you can see thrashing, from which comes the fava beans in a traditional way, picking grapes, pressing in a traditional olive press, that gives the wine, picking olives from residents and process of oil.

There are many windmills that no longer work, but one can see them up close, and see the way and technique that they worked to grind wheat and barley of the people in the earlier era.

Also you can see how a traditional orchard is, with the old way, all handmade, planting-watering, picking, the way of its function. Of course you should see the fishing boats when they go fishing and when they return, cleaning nets with fish-stones of the seabed and anything small or big details that someone is interested in, spurring his interest.

There are infinite points for photographs with amazing angles. Another feature of the island, which keeps untouched the tradition even today are its several warm festivals. Starting from the period after Easter to October, there are small or big festivals with food from the church and island violins in the celebrating village. It would be nice for someone to happen to one of them, but if not, the time is filled very pleasantly.



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You are welcome and we wish you to have a good time.